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4 Things that Make Knobelsdorff Electric Different

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Nov 6 / Categories: The KEI Difference

When it comes to industrial electrical work, working at Knobelsdorff is a completely different experience. From the environment we work in, to the advancement opportunities available, I can honestly say I've never seen a place quite like it. If you're looking, we are currently hiring for multiple industrial electrical jobs. If you'd like to know why Knobelsdorff is a great place to work, here are four reasons: 

1. Career Advancement Opportunities 

4 Things that Make Knobelsdorff Electric DifferentIndustrial electrical jobs have a bit of a reputation for advancing in only one way. It can seem like companies have you on this conveyor belt of advancement where every promotion and title change is on a single track. It's as if the time you put in matters more than your abilities and performance. 

But it's different here. The career advancement at Knobelsdorff has a lot more to do with you - your interests, your strengths and your skills all help determine your career path. Don't get me wrong, the years and hours you put in matter, too. But that's not the only thing that matters. 

2. Earning Potential

At Knobelsdorff, our atmosphere encourages employees to learn new skills and grow their capabilities. We provide the resources and opportunities for every employee to learn and grow. We value skilled employees, and our earnings scale reflects that. Instead of being set in stone, wage increases come as a result of skill and performance. Beyond that, we offer opportunities for overtime. Instead of having to end the workweek at forty hours, our employees can choose to increase their hours if they want to.

3. On-the-Job Atmosphere

A lot of the industrial electrical jobs at Knobelsdorff have our employees working as part of a team. Because no one is an expert in everything, our teams work together to complete projects to the highest standard.

Our employees have strong communication skills. They're always willing to help each other out, and they understand how completing their job depends on their teammate being able to complete their job, too. There's no sense of "leaving it for the next guy to sort out" here. We work hard, we respect each other and we find time to joke around and have a good time too. 

4. Community Reputation

When employees are hardworking and completing great work, clients and customers notice. The standard of performance we put out at Knobelsdorff is something our customers have come to know and respect. They want to work with us because they've learned that when a Knobelsdorff employee is on the job, that job is going to be done to a high standard. 

Our community reputation is great for our employees, our clients and our company. It causes our company to grow and increases our need for employees. Because of this, we're looking for more hard-working employees to complete industrial electrical jobs, meet client demand and uphold the reputation Knobelsdorff has worked to build. 

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now