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Degrees And Experience Needed for Electrical Tech Jobs

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Nov 6 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Each of the electrical tech and electrical engineering positions we have available at Knobelsdorff require a different level of education and experience. Here's a brief look at what we're looking for from our applicants for each position. 

4 Things that Make Knobelsdorff Electric Different

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Nov 6 / Categories: The KEI Difference

When it comes to industrial electrical work, working at Knobelsdorff is a completely different experience. From the environment we work in, to the advancement opportunities available, I can honestly say I've never seen a place quite like it. If you're looking, we are currently hiring for multiple industrial electrical jobs. If you'd like to know why Knobelsdorff is a great place to work, here are four reasons: 

Is an Electrician Job Right for Me?

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Nov 2 / Categories: Careers at KEI

If you're on the lookout for a career with great pay, high demand and long-term security, becoming an electrician might be the right path for you. Industrial electrician jobs are on the rise, and the demand for skilled, hard-working electricians is only expected to grow

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

How Can I Find Entry-Level Electrical Engineering Jobs?

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Oct 27 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Electrical engineering jobs might look like they're everywhere, but how many of them are entry-level? It can be disheartening to search entry-level electrical engineering jobs only to find positions requiring years of experience on top of formal education and training. But, if you take note of the tips listed below, you can seriously increase your odds.

Knobelsdorff has Jobs for Electricians

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Oct 25 / Categories: Careers at KEI

This company has a strong reputation with our clients and our community for doing excellent work. As that reputation continues to grow, so does our workload. In order to continue meeting current demands and take on new projects, we need to grow our team.

Working for a Corporate Company Vs. a Family-Owned Company

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Oct 23 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Regardless of their size or business model, the majority of companies want to hire honest, hardworking people with appropriate, job-related skills. This goes for corporate companies and family-owned companies alike.

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

Working in a Merit Shop

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Oct 19 / Categories: Merit Shop

A merit shop is known for being based on competition, but what does that really mean? When it comes to industrial electrical jobs, a merit shop comes with a different set of opportunities. Sure, it's not for everyone, but it might be for you. So, what benefits set merit shops apart? Here are three: 

5 Benefits Knobelsdorff Electric Employees' Experience

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Oct 17 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Here at Knobelsdorff, we have great employees. They work hard, have fun and uphold the strong reputation we have in the regions we serve. And because of that reputation, our company is growing. We have more and more clients and customers needing our services, and we need more skilled, hardworking employees on our team.