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Gain Real-World Experience with an Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Dec 15 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Apprentice electrician jobs are not all the same. The company you choose for your apprenticeship will have a big impact on how many skills you learn, what your experience in the industry will be and how well-rounded of an electrician you become. 

Here at Knobelsdorff, our electrical apprenticeship program has a reputation for preparing some of the finest electricians in the field. 


journeyman electrician.pngOur apprentice electricians have the opportunity to gain experience in all of the industries we serve. We work with industrial, manufacturing, residential, grain & milling, food processing and solar.

Because they can gain real-world experience in each of these areas, the apprentice electricians that complete their hours with Knoblesdorff become very well-rounded electricians. 

Our Company is Family-Owned

One of the great things about working with a family-owned business is the difference in the environment. This is a smaller company where everybody knows everyone else, and no one is too high up to help out. It's not uncommon for the head of our company to roll up his sleeves and work on an electrical project. After all, he went through his apprenticeship here, too. 

If you're interested in a few more of the differences that come along with working at a family-owned business, I covered them here

The Program is Free

If you're interested in an electrical apprenticeship, know that our program is free - better yet, you work full-time and make a full-time wage. There are even opportunities for overtime, and there is no education or experience required.

Sure, knowing a thing or two about electricity is great, but the most important things an electrical apprentice needs are a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. If that sounds like you, apply for one of our available apprentice electrician jobs.

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