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Looking for Work? We Have Industrial Electrician Jobs

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Mar 7 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Industrial Electricians at Knobelsdorff Electric work as a member of a team. Depending on the project, they’ll be a certain number of electricians working under the direction of a project manager. And while there is a lot of electrical work going on at Knobelsdorff, each project is different. We work within a variety of industries, and oftentimes, we develop custom electrical solutions for them. Because of this, our electricians regularly have opportunities to learn, develop, and practice new skills.

KEI Benefit: Continuing Education for Employees

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Feb 26 / Categories: Careers at KEI

In a lot of jobs, there are two types of continuing education: the stuff you have to do and the stuff you want to do. At Knobelsdorff Electric, we help you with both. Here’s how continuing education works at KEI…

We're Not Just Industrial - 5 More Types of Work We Do

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Feb 21 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Industrial electrical work is where we got our start, but it’s far from the only thing we do. As Knobelsdorff Electric has grown over the years, we’ve expanded our services and the industries we serve. Our employees don’t just do one thing over and over again. They have the opportunity to apply their expertise to new projects and tackle new challenges.

Here’s a look at some of our additional services:

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

Video: What Makes Knobelsdorff Electric a Great Place to Work 

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Feb 13 / Categories: Careers at KEI

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? What about a video? In order to give you a little something different, we got our President and CEO in front of the camera to share a little bit about why KEI is a great place to work. Check it out...

Top 4 Questions about Working at Knobelsdorff Electric Answered

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Feb 8 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Working in Human Resources at Knobelsdorff Electric means I get the opportunity to work with a lot of our applicants before they join our company. I get to let people know more about how we work and what we do, and I get to answer a bunch of questions too. Here are the top four questions I get asked by potential new hires.

What's New at Knobelsdorff Electric in 2018?

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jan 29 / Categories: Careers at KEI

A lot of things at Knobelsdorff stay the same year over year. For instance, our company is family-owned, family-run, and merit-based. Those things are at the core of who we are, and they do not show any signs of changing. But there will be some newness in the coming year.

If I had to size up what to expect in 2018 in one word, I would choose "Growth."

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Aiman

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jan 25 / Categories: Insider, Careers at KEI

I'd like to introduce you to Aiman, one of our Electrical Design Engineers. Aiman is responsible for developing and designing power distribution processes and lighting processes for the projects we work on. Additionally, she lends her talents to editing plans for our electricians and helping out any way she can.

Ready for a Career Change in 2018? Knobelsdorff has Electrical Engineer Jobs!

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jan 19 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Knobelsdorff is seeking applicants for electrical engineering positions. Below, I've outlined a brief overview of the available engineering positions at our company. Plus, I've included a little bit about us as a company. 

What Does It Mean to be a Project Manager at Knobelsdorff Electric?

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jan 9 / Categories: Careers at KEI

The Project Managers at Knobelsdorff play an important role in taking our electrical projects from start to finish. They're involved from the design of the initial concept all the way through the execution and sign-off. Due to the continued growth of our company, Knobelsdorff is seeking qualified individuals to join our team as Project Managers.

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

4 Things We Look for when Hiring a CAD Designer

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jan 5 / Categories: Careers at KEI

Now, I know it can be difficult to decide where you would (and wouldn't) like to work. Getting a good idea of what a company is like when you're on the outside looking in isn't always easy. Since we have CAD designer jobs currently available at our company, we wanted to give you a clearer picture of what we're looking for, and at the same time give a window into what it's like to work with us.