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5 Signs of a GMP-Compliant Company [INFOGRAPHIC]

Author: Karl von Knobelsdorff / On: Oct 1 / Categories: The KEI Difference

There are a lot of acronyms in the industrial industry. One prominent acronym we abide by at Knobelsdorff is GMP - or Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP was instituted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who monitors GMP regulations to ensure manufacturers, processes, and handlers of medical devices or equipment, drugs, food, and other regulated items adhere to practices that ensure safety of products. GMP regulations require a quality approach above all else, something at the very core of our business.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Author: Karl von Knobelsdorff / On: Aug 30 / Categories: The KEI Difference

Whether you’re providing products, services, or a combination of the two, customers are looking for quality. And a big part of that is the ability to trust the companies they partner with to follow through. This is especially true in areas like controls and automation where issues or errors might not be as obvious.

The Knobelsdorff Electric Inc. Mission

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Aug 22 / Categories: The KEI Difference

Knobelsdorff Electric has been a family-owned company from the very beginning. And in the decades since this company first opened for business, those family principles and values have continued to guide it forward. Here’s a look at where Knobelsdorff Electric started, where we are now, and where the future will take us.

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A Run-Down of KEI Services

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Jul 10 / Categories: The KEI Difference

At Knobelsdorff Electric, we have an expert team of Designers, Estimators, Project Managers, Foremen, and Electricians that are at the heart of our electrical services. Together, they can complete even the most demanding projects. Here’s a look at the electrical services we provide.

Video: Why I Work at Knobelsdorff Electric

Author: Brittney Boe / On: May 16 / Categories: The KEI Difference

As the HR Assistant and Recruiter for a growing company, I’ve had a front row seat to what makes Knobelsdorff Electric a great place to work. Not only do I get to speak to our employees about it, I also get to experience it myself. So, I took a moment to get in front of the camera and talk about why I came to work at Knobelsdorff Electric and why I think it’s a great place to build a career.

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Shane

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Apr 10 / Categories: The KEI Difference

There are a few long-time employees who’ve played a hand in shaping Knobelsdorff into the company it is today. And when I – or anybody else – talks about how great of a place Knobelsdorff is to work, those employees deserve their share of the credit. Shane is one of those employees.

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now

Every Day is Different at Knobelsdorff

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Dec 28 / Categories: The KEI Difference

An exciting workplace is pretty rare nowadays. So many people wake up each day, go to work on autopilot, put in eight hours and head home to spend what little time they have doing the things they actually care about. Because when every day is the same, work can become a routine that doesn't challenge or excite you. 

Why I Work at Knobelsdorff: Meet Rich

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Dec 7 / Categories: The KEI Difference

Today, I'll be introducing you to Rich, our Controls Manager. Prior to joining our company, Rich worked as a subcontractor, and he hadn't found a company where he wanted to build his career. But he saw something different at Knobelsdorff.  

4 Things that Make Knobelsdorff Electric Different

Author: Brittney Boe / On: Nov 6 / Categories: The KEI Difference

When it comes to industrial electrical work, working at Knobelsdorff is a completely different experience. From the environment we work in, to the advancement opportunities available, I can honestly say I've never seen a place quite like it. If you're looking, we are currently hiring for multiple industrial electrical jobs. If you'd like to know why Knobelsdorff is a great place to work, here are four reasons: 

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now